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okay! [04 Sep 2006|01:46pm]
In college!
Having a great time!
Living life in the moment!

And probably slacking off on studies waaay too much... but eh. What's college without a little bit of fun?
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back again and gone [10 Aug 2006|10:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Is it a coincidence I'm listening to Queen again? Probably not.

It's been a week since I returned home from that far-off country of Mexico, with sunny beachsides and treacherous rip currents, delicious food and disease-ridden tap water (funky bacteria, really.) Beware el agua! In a week I managed to:

1. Get into a car accident.
2. Mountain-scramble my way up to the top of the largest pyramid on our continent.
3. Drink the water on accident and freak out more than twice.
4. Eat cheese icecream (not as delicious as it was hype.)
5. Video-tape a Mexican wedding and festivities- while drunk off margaritas.
6. Get drunk off 1 1/2 margaritas.
7. Take 763 pictures, 40 of them pictures of clouds on the trip to Mexico.
8. Be groped at a political protest in Mexico City. Left cheek totally violated.
9. Speak decent spanish! (Very proud.)
10. Visit 10 churches/ex-convents, over half of them under construction.
11. Walk alone in Mexico City and not be molested/kidnapped/raped/beaten/robbed. And people tell me this city is dangerous.
12. Saw the sacred cloak of the Virgin of Guadalupe- huge Catholic icon in Mexico. HUGE. It's appearance has created what I fondly call 'Guadalupe Land Theme Park'- on grounds there are THREE churches, an ex-convent, and a museum currently showing the exhibition 'Futbol y Fe'. Soccer and Faith.
13. Buy a 60 cent soda.
14. Ride a taxi around Taxco for 2 dollars. The transportation system is outrageously cheap.
15. Lose my preconcieved notions about Mexico picked up from friends and people from the Central and South Americas.

I can understand having no desire to visit the border towns or touristy vacation hotspots like Acapulco (only city I got within ten feet of ocean, and I couldn't swim in it. Federales said no.) However, if one has no intention of leaving the comforts of his own language and would rather stick to these English-catering places that are constructed for tourists- how can one complain about being treated as nothing more than a bank account? Small towns like Taxco give a friendly and festive aire to Mexico- no strangers more generous have I met than those in Taxco. And parties in the town square every night, ho! It was almost unreal, how Taxco is everything I envisioned a Latin country to be like, and yet when I was immersed it seemed like a faerie town, too good. Well, the city noise was real, anyway. And Mexico City was nothing like the rumors say- I didn't once feel that my life was at risk, or any such nonsense. In the guide books my mother and Deirdre brought along, the guides to Mexico City always read the same way, "MEXICO CITY IS GOING TO KILL YOU. NEVER WEAR ANYTHING CUT LOWER THAN WHAT A NUN WOULD WEAR. NEVER CARRY A PURSE; KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR BRA. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE." No joke. They were that serious. Naturally I had a few pre-jitters on the ride there; but as soon we checked into a hotel that was blasting The Beatles as lobby and elevator music, I knew I must be safe. We took precautions (for the first day I didn't carry my bag around) and used common sense. Walked everywhere and took metros, didn't take offers for taxis (the guide said don't accept solicited help- duh!) and didn't eat from street vendors where the food looked like it was a spawning ground for life. Aside from all that, Mexico City was a blast. I had the most fun here: ancient ruins popping out of the woodworks, amazing architecture and a city that stretches as far as the eye can see. And the political activism I got to PARTICIPATE in, that was just a treat I will never forget. Even if some groping occured along the way.


Still recovering for upcoming trip to Canada. I have the travel itch!

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college survival skills? ¡no lo sé! [25 Jul 2006|01:54pm]
[ mood | still groggy, still grumpy. ]

Just learned an interesting fact while on my lunch break which may be useful to all my druken party hardy rockstar-life college friends and not so much friends. One of the quickest ways to curing a hangover before class is to make a banana milkshake with a little honey in it. Works to both rehydrate you and build up the much depleted sugar levels going haywire in your system. Wasn't that fun to know?

I also forgot to mention previously that I am leaving to Mexico. Tomorrow almost. Really Thursday, but it's so early in the morning I prefer to think it's tomorrow; time is personal, I can change it if I wish. My mom rented out a studio apartment for a week in Taxco with her boyfriend, and through the volatile nature of relationships and unpredictable hand of 'tentative planning', fam friend Deirdra and I will be occupying the flat for the duration of the trip, and mom plus boyfriend will be crashing at a place called the little tree (El Arbolito, haha.)

Still waking up, unfortunately. I'm afraid my doctor perscribed me an overdose of sleep meds. My doctor being my mother, that is. Scary.

Let my imagination run away with you - gladly!

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morning musings and heartfelt confessions? [25 Jul 2006|09:59am]
[ mood | groggy ]

I'm at work right now, being unproductive and lazy. I believe strongly that while I do not perform at my peak during the morning hours, I am wholly more creative at this time. (Yes. Ten o'clock is early to me. Nevermind the fact that I get up at eight every morning. Getting up ≠ waking up. During the getting up period, I am literally a walking zombie; completely incapable of communicating my wants and needs save grunting and this high-pitch squeal that drives my mom insane. While preping for my inevitable wake-up I usually am still half-dreaming- which makes for interesting breakfasts on the floor- and while I may be physically moving about, finding the coffee pot into the freezer is a good tip-off I am not quite with it in the morning. (True story.) I usually don't wake up until around ten in the morning; after I have gone to work and lain my head on the desk for a good hour (unless I arrive to work late, which is 3/5ths of the time.) During the wake-up phase I become increasingly aware of my surroundings and am hit with an intense dissatisfaction that disapates as the day progresses- I become bitchy. Petulant. A grump. By midday, grumpiness passes, and I'm functioning.) Most of my creative ideas hit me in the morning and I brew them carefully for the evening hours, when I have the capabilities to tackle on and create.

I came to the shocking realization last week that I have never in my life gotten a good night's rest. Discussing sleep-aids with my mother was the catalyst for a flashback to my younger years and the home-remedies my mother tried to help me sleep. Warm milk, muscle relaxation, calming of the mind- there is a distinct memory of my mother begging me at two-thirty in the morning to lie very still and create a story in my head, and just keep creating stories until I fell asleep. Only, the stories never ever stopped. To this day I still make up stories in my head trying to go to bed; old habits die hard? I often get so wrapped up in my thoughts that sleep doesn't stand a chance grabbing this active mind.

Our Rx nation would be proud; I have decided to do a trial-run of sleep medications, opting for the lowest dosage possible. I must admit I am a little anxious stil about my decision; not only because of the addictive nature of sleep meds, but moreso because of the personality changes associated with sleep deprivation. Who am I with sleep? How will this effect me? Maybe I'll find some horrible truth about myself; that it's not just the morning groggies- I am a bitch in the morning!

It's too early to be thinking.

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kitten french fries plush. [03 Jul 2006|06:48pm]
What is this.
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[01 Jul 2006|05:40pm]
[ mood | insane ]

I'm bored. People are boring. Places are boring. Life is boring.

Officially a month into summer. Where has all the fun gone?

On another note, the previous entry was written prematurely and without any proper planning whatsoever (in regards to its sterile and poor quality that bothers me more than a little.) All I can say is that it was late, and I was on nerves' end worrying about the Spanish placement test I was due to take at 8 o'clock the following morning. I placed where I should have rather than where I wanted, so it went exceedingly well.

So. That's it. I'm only absolutely crazy.

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poverty ends with a signature? [27 Jun 2006|10:50pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Every three seconds, someone dies of poverty.

This was the 'catching' introduction to "The ONE Campaign". This shocked me; three seconds, that's twenty people a minute, 1200 people every hour, 28,800 people per day.

I wondered whether this information was hard fact, or just a sensational tug at my hyper-empath heartstrings. So I went on a research query, and dug up some articles, along with the dazzling photos and graphs of destitution.

Earth Trends has a lot of recent information that is very tough to take, the most interesting to myself were the Life on a Dollar a Day and The Dimensions of Poverty.

"Solving World Hunger alone will not solve World Poverty" gives a good summarized history of the current (1990's) efforts to end World Hunger, explanation as to why we have world hunger and the politics behind it, yadda yadda. It is pretty much what everyone already knows, just with more facts and less (but not entirely without, of course) emotion.

I am guessing that the statistic of "3 seconds every day" came from The Millenium Campaign (which you would know more about if you clicked on the "Solving World Hunger" article!) Scroll down to the 'Did you Know?' section of this site, and it will give you the statistics,
"Every year more than 10 million children die of hunger and preventable diseases - that's over 30,000 per day and one every 3 seconds." Millenium and One are in cahoots; Millenium supporting ONE. I saw that WHO (World Health Organization) was sited as a source for the Millenium's facts, and I trust WHO, so...

The World Health Organization. Should have gone straight to the source. I trust their facts; often I have cited their information for a lot of my psychology and environmental science research papers with total confidence. Take it for what you will. WHO is also a cohort of the Millenium project, which builds some credit to Millenium (and in turn ONE's) facts.

And of course, I Wikipedia'ed ONE itself.

They ask not for your money, but for your voice. Is ending poverty worth lending your voice to?

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queens and faeries, your regular Freddie Mercury tale. [25 Jun 2006|01:11pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Teenagedramaramatics.Collapse )

The tag of this post: my relationship with Freddie Mercury, which is wholly based on my listener's interpretative relationship with Queen, is as capricious as London rain.

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rise and shine; you can sleep when you are dead! [18 Jun 2006|11:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Jesus pancakes. Has anyone seen this commercial pumped out of the Folger's factory? If only all commericals were this trippy, kids wouldn't be hooked on ruinous afterschool activities and the 'War on Drugs' campaign could finally pour all its wasted funding into something useful.

Maybe a good physical education program, to balance out the rising incidence of child obesity that curiously correlates with trippy-commercial watching. Yeah.

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Lights! Camera! Music! [13 Jun 2006|12:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

This is my Jerry Springer moment!
I don't want this moment to die-
so dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians,
I don't want this moment to die!

Heather is going to be a camp counselor for the summer, in the far-off rollicking summer hills of her homestate Pennsylvania. Although I know she has the understandable stomach-grumbles and nerve-jitters, I can attest to her adventuresome spirit and driving determination that gives me unmeasurable security as to her fairing the rainy days without a cloud of doubt, as well as the pleasantly sweltering days and mosquito-bitten nights. Good travels!

A Survey Stolen from Ms. Heather's Exclusive SiteCollapse )

And I did promise, so... WiHi PromCollapse )

I think I've woken up now. Time to get productive!

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the sex! the rescue! the fun entry! [15 May 2006|10:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This entry is going to be only fun.

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 81.6%
The Pope is envious
Done the nasty, but not creatively
Gayness 87.5%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick96.5%
Refreshingly normal
You are 72.63% pure
Average Score: 72.5%

Who knows what this means! Perhaps that I need to work on that homosexuality score; gotta love everyone, donchaknow.

So last Wednesday night was the climax of my four-year highschool choral career! That's right folks, it was my last spring concert I'll ever have under the masterful direction of P. Oldham. And of course, as a fitting end, this year we performed a medley of Wicked, the musical our choir (particularly the seniors) absolutely hungered for. So what did I do to celebrate this momentus occasion? Gathered all the fibers of courage within me and ringed myself a solo. Yes. I did. The one who have an unnatural fear for crowds that limits her class presentations to stumbling rambles at the backs of heads. So did I do it? Though up until the spotlight shined over me I planned on saving face and ducking out, I faced my fears and conquered the beast without too much dignity lost. It wasn't any show-stopping performance, for I am not a soloist. But I did it, and that's more than I ever hoped for.

Prom. WiHi's was awesome. There are pictures (always pictures) yet to come, but while I feel that it's unfair to glance over what I considered to be the better prom, I am actually here to talk about Bennett's prom- so just for the record, remember WiHi's was awesome. And really, it's after-prom Bennett that is the main focus: The Beach House. Or even more pointed, "The Rescue!"

If you have ever wanted to see Alen rescuing a majestic horseshoe crab from a beached fate, click here.

Warning!: There are extreme expletives coming from the camerawoman (my dearest friend Moonay.) They are extreme. Some background to the story is necessary: after prom our group of friends all crashed at Paddy's beach house. The next morning Paddy, Moonay and I decided to take a walk on the beach before building a bonfire.... on our walk, we found numerous beached horseshoe crabs that had been dried out and picked clean. However. There was an old, crusty one lying on its back that we happened upon.... here the story begins.

A week and exams before I am finished highschool. Need to finish out these math assignments before Friday or my butt is deep fried in the hot oils of failure. Ech.
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prelude. [25 Apr 2006|12:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

First off, let me say this. Whatever future complaints I may have about my job, how I believe there is an injustice in manning the worst section of the store (juniors) with only one lowly employee to fend for herself against the masses of screaming, bickering, ugly little girls who should be slapped by their mothers for the terrible wreckage of a fitting room they leave for my pleasure... I like my job.

Thank You For Smoking, despite not being a box-office smash hit, is one of the best movies I've seen in theaters in quite a long time. I encourage everyone to shell out your nine dollars for a ticket and soak in the philosophical, political, moral, moronic and simple hilarity of it all. It'll be delicious.

Except for Katie Holmes sex scene. Not real enough, Katie! You at least got to look like you are awake for the action! Geeze.

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it's all here. [17 Apr 2006|11:27pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So here's the update, I figured it would be best if I put it all in bullet form as that goes painlessly down the ole processer.

- Have reconciled with father after severe circumstances brought relationship into the here and now.
- Have found work at JC Penny, along with finding a terrible pleasure in complaining to anyone who will listen about the gross disenchanting habits little teenyboppers who shop in the Juniors department force me to endure for seven bucks an hour.
- Made kickass Tiramisu with father.
- Brewing up a substantial grudge against mother.
- Had senior portraits done today, which was both an embarrassing and exciting affair.
- Want to get out of school.
- I love Pakistani food. My new favorite resturant, The Grill Kabob, is closing. Am distraught by this news.
- Going to prom with Osman. Dress is still currently in works, ie. needs to be made NOW.
- Now have a red cowgirl hat and developed fondness for Texan phrase, "Well that dog just ain't gon hunt! Yeeeehaw!"
- Got that iPod I whined about the previous two entries. Delicious.
- Fondness for cute things is now a driving force of life.
- Read Manchild in the Promised Land. This is an excellent book that everyone must pick up right away.
- Read The Kite Runner. Also an excellent read I demand everyone get their hands on.
- Developed a bad habit of tacking on 'bitch(es)' to the ends of sentences. Mildly alarming, but not enough to take on any form of serious contemplation as to the root of the cause.

There will be details. Just later! Right now I'm gonna go quench my curiosity with a book on mutated frogs.

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for poor college students who love music. apples! [26 Feb 2006|01:21pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Okay. I said that I wanted an iPod but my budget couldn't afford one, right?

Well guess what. For any poor college student who ever wanted an iPod at discount, click here.

It's a special discount Apple provides for college students and teachers, and it makes a big difference. Any discount would make a difference, right? The discount applies to any iPod, and most of the products of the Apple line. There are limitations to how many you can buy of what, but hey, I'm not complaining. I am really pleased with Apple at the moment, but that's my grandfather's Mac-worshipping influence taking hold of me.

My bank balance thanks me.

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morning hazes [26 Feb 2006|10:36am]
[ mood | pensive ]

I wonder if it can be achieved, the 'best' of a person. Is there a best of a person? I suppose the best would be a combination of the ideals in all areas, physical, emotional, and mental health, and success. If everyone has this personal best, can it be realisitically achieved? Somehow I doubt it. How could one know when to stop... people would continue to try to better themselves long after they had achieved this 'best' and some area would be neglected in order to fufill the other requirements... even so, this seems to be a motivator for many, if not most. This ideal man within themselves. But it can be either facilitating or debilitating, depending on the person and their improvement regimen.

This is what I have been thinking about all morning. Meaning I woke up a 1/2 hour ago and in a morning haze I thought, 'damn I want to be a good person. No, the best person I can be. Uuuuh, what is that, exactly?' I believe this is all thought residue from the night before when I watched RENT, and got to thinking about humankind and what I can reasonably do to make the world a better place... which resulted in both a tearfest and a good couch-jumping bout of elation.

I want an iPod, for practical reasons. It's easier to carry around than my computer, even than my hulking CD player. And.. um... I want one. But they are expensive, and all the practical reasons I give won't make it practical to my bank account.

For better or worse, we're all humans, first. I believe that.

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[24 Feb 2006|01:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

late night quizzes.Collapse )

I've been sick for about a week and another half, which blows royally. What's kept me from dying are those midday reruns of ER, a bottle of throat-numbing cherry magic potion, and an arsenal of upbeat dance mixes. And my mother's bed, which is a fluffy paradise in comparison to my horrible lumpy mattress. On my last visit to the doctor that comprised of an hour of waiting and five minutes of quality doctor-patient time, I was diagnosed with some viral infection, not sure what, but antibiotics can't cure it so I should just stay at home and rest for a day or two. Those two days turned into six days home from school; it would have been eight days out of school if we hadn't been given a two-day grace period for President's day and professional day. I am going back the the doc's today because my mother swears up and down I have mono, but I am skeptical of her diagnosis. There's just no way this is mono, it isn't that bad. It's pretty bad, but it isn't mono on the floor dying bad.

Gaah there is going to be so much makeup work waiting for me at school. Daaamn.

South Dakota has decided (again) it wants nothing to do with abortion. Infact, it has such a distaste for the practice the state has proposed a bill which will ban abortion in all cases for SD, unless pregnancy poses a threat to the life of the mother. So far, the bill has passed in SD's Senate and is still in the House. Many say that this generation will see the overturning of Roe v. Wade; but could it come so swiftly after the changing of Supreme Court judges? Pro-life groups believe that this is a promising sign of change for them, but I'm skeptical. I can't see the country going to the dogs so quickly... but who knows. It's scary to me. Could we be going back to the coat hangers so quickly?

Well, we'll see how things pan out. This could either be history in the making, or another failed attempt at overturning a bill assuring freedom of choice. :laugh: Damn, I can't even fake impartiality! But there's no point in faking it here, I suppose. In the end, it's all just binary codes and bytes.

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bet you wanna play with my heart! you loop in my heart. [19 Jan 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I filled out on Karin's, so it's necessary I post it up!

1. name:
2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. do you read my lj:
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. favorite place to be:
11. favorite lyric:
12. best time of the year:

1. a film:
2. a book:
3. a band, a song and an album:

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you.

I'm not sure how to feel. There are emotions swirling around but I haven't picked any one to focus on right now. So I won't. I'm going to listen to m-flo and forget everything for a little while, and get lost in a book!

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3....2...1 [17 Jan 2006|06:17pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

It will be my eighteenth birthday in three days. I've said this before but still it hasn't really hit me yet.

So things work out in the end! I'll be partying for good times come January twentith... in my chill way. I don't know if I could ever HAVE a party, being rather dense on that subject. How does one throw a successful party? Hmmmn. Inquiring minds want to know.

All I do know is that Osman and Diego are being mighty supicious. What are they up to, those crafty kids?!

I found my watch under the passenger seat of my car, and very pleased with myself I was. It still works, though the time is off. I always perform better with a watch on my wrist, I wonder if this is a sign or something? Maybe just good karma.

I can never stay on one subject for too long.

That's what happens when one is generally happy with life, I think. There is nothing particularly terrible going on, at least in one's perspective, so there is nothing to brood over. One is happy, and that's all there is really to say. Today I am happy, yesterday I was happy, and God willing, I will be happy tomorrow. Maybe not joyous or exhilirated with life. Perhaps a better would would be satisfied? Though that would indicate that some goal would have been achieved and there is nothing left to obtain.... that all requirements have been met which will never be true in my case, as I always have a yearning for more (that I may have to curb a little... heh heh.) Happy. Content? Maybe content is the best word. Though I still prefer happy. :laugh:

I got accepted to that little local college my mother wants me to go to, so she is content with me (but not yet satisfied.) Now I will be lead by the maternal hand towards the Honors Program, then a good environmental/business major. She and I are on friendly terms on this matter, though I still have a rebel bird sitting on my shoulder, sipping local-brewed beer and shouting, "Do what you wanna do! Don't get pushed!" All well and good, but the bird knows where this chica lacks- in confrontational spirit!

At least I will now have more free time to ponder my fate, with the official okay coming from Osman that I am now an honorary member of the unemployed masses. It was a confusing affair, but in the end I am jobless. Which is what I wanted. My grades are in the toilet.

Thought flushed! Diego is here.

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1,000 kisses [02 Jan 2006|10:42pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Been reflecting, so here's the countdown...

10. The number of stubs I kept from the movies. 2 Rent, Narnia, Serenity, Harry Potter, Brothers Grimm, Sin City, Kung Fu Hustle, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, March of the Penguins.
9. Gained nine really great friendships.
8. There were eight notable out of towners; mostly to DC with Sarah, one to visit Thomas' place, one to Costa Rica, a few to Heather's beach house, a Waffle House night.
7. Number of times I locked my keys in my car.... in one year.
6. Six complete, independent poems were written. Mostly haikus, mostly bad spur of the moment, but it's an improvement. Poetry not a strong point.
5. I left five things in Costa Rica; my lip gloss, a t-shirt, a pair of contacts washed down the drain, muddy shoes, and my favorite bathing suit.
4. The number of cell phones I went through.
3. I went to see three good musicals on stage: The Lion King, Les Mis, and Wicked.
2. Got hooked on the only two shows broadcasted in english in Costa Rica- Scrubs and E.R.
1. I was witness to one mall flood!

I'm going to be an adult soon. Isn't that creepy?

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[18 Dec 2005|09:59pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

The most annoying thing in the world: not being able to think of a simple word in english, because the spanish word keeps popping in your head! So you must explain around this word. Only everything you say comes out in spanish.

Is spanish some sort of infectious disease?! I need to hop over the Atlantic pond to Spain pronto, where I'll learn that I don't know jack.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:glitter_mission
Your haiku:my mouth with water
and command me to fix it
and i still have not
Created by Grahame

This haiku is creepily just like me, in some twisted fashion!

Buh-buh-buh-buh-Benny and the Jets! This week I dedicate to Sir Elton John. I will surely not make it through without that crazy falsetto cheering me on!
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